First Baptist Church consists of approximately 800 resident members. A person may become a member of First Baptist church in one of three ways.

Baptism – After you become a Christian, Baptism is the way to tell others you are saved. This makes you a member.

Transfer of Letter – If you move from another church that also baptizes by emersion, we can ask that church to move your membership here.

Statement of faith – If you are saved and baptized, but you no longer have a church membership, we will accept you based on your statement of placing your faith in Jesus Christ.

If you need counsel about how to invite Jesus into your life or you would like to share your decision to become a Christian with someone,


  • Call First Baptist Church at (606) 633-2277 or 2278,
  • E-mail us at
  • Use the Feedback form on this web site.
  • Write to us: 170 Madison Avenue, Whitesburg, KY 41858